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Here it is - the gig I have waiting for - Good Luck Mountain return and this time playing Lewes! To say I am a fan of this music is an understatement. This from Shaun of The Gilded Palace...


Good Luck Mountain are born out of the delicious Tandy (New York), led by Mike Ferrio and lauded by everyone from Bob Harris (three sessions!) to Jim White, and from Steve Earle to Malcolm Holcombe.


Tandy were regular fixture at the Gilded Palace Of Sin, playing some of that promoter's most memorable evenings. Last visit, even solo, Mike Ferrio proved he could hush even the Prince Albert on a raucous Friday night; such is the power and poise of his songwriting.


Sonically, the debut Good Luck Mountain album picks up where Tandy left off. Imagine Bruce Springsteen tackling Bon Iver, or Talk Talk as if steeped in the Catskills. Listening is not enough, you breathe these songs.


Spottiswoode - another New Yorker with an eclectic and hard to describe sound, with songs ranging from rock to folk to jazz and even gospel. He inhabits a possessed stage presence somewhere between Joe Cocker and Jim Morrison—knocking the crowd over with his gravelly voice, passionate delivery, dry wit and dark sense of humour.


The Koan Brothers will open proceedings with a short acoustic set (still however powerful enough to demonstrate their deconstructed americana). Thus, early arrival is advised for what promises to be an unforgettable evening of music.


So sorry folks but we have had to cancel the Good Luck Mountain show. Hopefully when the Coronavirus is over these shows will be rearranged. I am personally devastated to not be bringing these great singer songwriters to Lewes. Keep well friends.